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High quality fiberglass pool that is built to withstand our Scandinavian climate.
Made of fiberglass and insulated from the factory, which makes this pool an excellent alternative for those who want a finished pool with stairs to lower into the garden.

Comes complete with: Pump, Sand filter (Sand), Overflow drain / Inlet, Cleaning kit containing; Bottom suction nozzle, floating hose, telescopic rod, leaf blade, brush, thermometer and test set.

The laminate that the pool is made of is a very durable material with a long degradation process (approx. 80 years).

In the manufacture of the pools, a special high-quality vinyl plastic is used which protects the pool from chlorine and high temperatures.

Special gelcoat (with a glossy surface) is particularly resistant to long-term chlorine exposure, solar radiation and temperature differences. WP gelcoat is applied with the help of professional sprayers, according to the latest world technologies.

Each pool construction is also reinforced with metal reinforcement.
The outer surface of the pool is with hardened polyurethane foam which not only does not insulate heat but also makes the whole construction more stable.

Color: Light blue or white.

Granulate paint is available at a 20% surcharge.

10 year warranty.

Water volume approx. 28 m 3 .


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